Sunday, January 16, 2011

4 in a row!

Ok so in my last post I aid two in a row but I forgot that I won my last game at the Nevada State Championships so that makes 4 wins in a row. Anything to keep up the motivation. Here is my first round game of the Club Championship Qualifier against James Mann.

I missed an easy recapture in the opening that would have ensured a big advantage and then we both worked on positioning our pieces and pawns towards central clarity.


  1. Thanks Chris! I got both of your submissions for MArch's Chess Carnival. I beleive the rules are only 1 entry per carnival... If you were to pick one, which would you prefer? I personally like the PI version ... though both submissions do have a great game narrative. Much appreciated.
    George (aka Blunderprone)

  2. Thanks George! Pick which ever one you think is best. I enjoyed making both of them!