Friday, July 30, 2010

First game back


  1. Hi Chris, I would expect that to be a draw since the side with the extra Minor Piece cannot afford a Rook Exchange. In fact, the way to study this ending (most effective way in my opinion) is to study Rook + Knight vs. Rook as the pawn will fall to a coordinated effort regardless in all probability, thereby leaving the book draw.

  2. Addendum: Let the pawn fall. As guarding it exposes your Rook to dangers from the Knight's Fork, in most cases, the stronger's side only remaining tactic, the other being an unfortunate pin. The Pawn is doomed, so therefore the Book Draw is the way. While you're letting go of the doomed peasant, you can more effectively reach a known position that will guide the rest of the play.

  3. Yeah, I agree. I sacrificed into that position with that in mind. But unfortunately I was in massive time-trouble and my opponent was firing off moves just to find forks and clock me out. I'm not used to being in time trouble so chalk it up to inexperience.

    In my sublines you will also see some spectacular sacrifices on the weak f-pawn and a rook on the h-file that I missed.