Sunday, January 17, 2010

the Dragonslayer returns

The knight smelt the burning aroma from a good deal away from the scene of battle.The dragon had been spotted several days prior by several townsfolk.The knight was sent with the specific mission of bringing back the corpse of the great beast.

He wasn't by any means a veteran but then again this wasn't the first dragon to meet his blade.He knew absolutely nothing else about this beast.Sizes and color varied in the different accounts but the general feeling was a mid-sized monster with decent skill at destroying the men that had come to challenge it.

The smell of the smoke eminating from the beast's nostrils allowed the knight to prepare himself mentally for battle.As he stepped out into the clearing he saw the beast lumbering out of the entrance of a large cavern.The knight drew his sword and charged the dragon.The dragon was immediately in the air and they circled each other as the beast swooped and eventually touched down in the clearing.The kinght saw the glistening purple scales and the large talons and became focused on the struggle that was taking place.It was him or the beast.This wasn't going to end in anything but death.

The knight began swinging his sabre very skillfully at the dragon.The dragon began backing up and trying desperately to dodge the sharp, cold metal.He was knocked back and began tumbling back and the knight took up a very aggressive stance.

The dragon then unexpectantly charged the knight.The knight was suprised, from this distance it wasn't so difficult to avoid any attack from the dragon and continue his assault.In fact the knight allowed a blow to glance off his armoured shoulder to allow himself to get closer to the dragon's underbelly.

The knight took the chance he was given and delivered punishing blows to the dragon.The beast was taking great punishment and soon vanquished in a manner unspeakable for this vernacular.

Chris Harrington 1600 vs. Ryan Van Reken 1738


  1. Ouch! I have to admit that dragon players and dragon slayers are a different breed and that I lack the confidence to keep up. I've lost to your opponent from the Black side and nearly lost to you on the Black side. Book deviation is my coward's way out, but I live to fight another day. Nice vignette to open.

  2. Hey Ernie!

    Deviating isn't cowardly by any means.My whole line against the dragon is an offbeat deviation.There is no reason for you,having superior chess skills to allow someone like me to "outbook" you.

    But I can tell you its about as exciting as chess gets to be playing really fast double-edged games like Dragon and Najdorf to name a few.

    Hopefully you enjoyed checking out the game!