Monday, October 26, 2009

Western States Open Round 1

My first game of the western States Open. This was also my first time playing in a class B tournament. Even though my score was so poor (+1 -4), I enjoyed several of the games this weekend.

Greg Sarafian 1723 vs. Chris Harrington 1600
Nimzo-Indian 4.f3 variation

After the game I wasn't upset by the loss. I had taken my time and played hard. I just couldn't quite come up with many good moves in the middle game.

My second game was a disaster based on moving fast like I was playing blitz or something.I threw away a good advantage with white and got mated quickly. I wont be analyzing it because my in-game effort was so lazy. Round three will be coming next!

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  1. Hi Chris, 4. f3 is actually a transposition to the Saemisch Variation. It might have some independent lines, but it mostly transposes. The Saemisch Variation, while dangerous, isn't supposed to be too threatening for the prepared Black player.

    It is not a Benoni, as White can scarcely take serious a move like 'd5' in the position. In fact, he usually takes on 'c5'. We 1. d4 players know this.

    In reality, you just missed a small transposition. 4. f3 does not have much independence.